WiCard Plans And Free Trial Firmware

WiCard - Smart Programmable WiFi Controller Module

The WiCard Free Trial Firmware (Rev 1.0.1)

We have provided a free trial firmware for those who would like to test the WiCard’s feature before paying for it. The trial revision has almost all of the registered features (except everything regarding the “client-server” communication). Also this trial firmware is upgrade-able over the air (OTA).



To downloading the WiCard Free Trial Firmware, Click on the Download button.

The “zip” file contains:

  • WiCard 1.3 Schematics
  • WiCard 1.3 PCB plan
  • Datasheet
  • And also the latest revision of WiCard Free Trial Firmware (1.0.1).


To helping us to improve the WiCard features, if you have any idea and/or suggestion please use our Contact Us page. Also if you have found any bugs in the hardware part of software part of the WiCard WiFi module, please report us in our Bug Report page.

Bug Report

And if you’d like to have an account on our website for your moudle, you can Get WiCard Free Registration Code for your trial module.

Request A Free Registration Code

With registering your WiCard WiFi Module you’ll be able to upload the programs with your own panel in our website. Also you can have access to your control box from your panel. So to accessing to your WiCard module via internet, it will not be necessary to use Port Forwarding. Also the registered firmware will update itself automatically and no need to check it manually.

If you’d like to now how to register your WiCard module, so watch this video:



Here are some useful tutorials about WiCard, including videos:

1- WiCard Configuration And Settings

2- WiCard GPIO (General Purpose Input Output)

3- WiCard PWM (Pulse Width Modulator)

4- WiCard PCInt (Pin Change Interrupt)

5- WiCard ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter)

6- WiCard Timer

Also to finding out more stuff and tutorials about WiCard WiFi Module, please refer to our blog.